Mosaic demonstration

Demonstrations for schools and groups.

Guided visit to the Koko Mosaico studio, for students and groups
minimum of 10 people, and maximum of 20

Koko Mosaico offers guided visits to the contemporary mosaic studio, including a demonstration of mosaic technique.
Have you ever wondered how a mosaic is made?

What material is it made of?

How do you cut the mosaic tesserae?

What's the difference between ancient mosaics and contemporary mosaics?
The staff at Koko Mosaico will explain the ancient craft of mosaic, and show you exactly how one is made.
You will help cut the marble into little pieces (tesserae) using the traditional tools called hardie and hammer.
All the steps necessary to complete a mosaic artwork will be demonstrated, and you are invited to give free rein to your curiosity and ask us all the questions you like.
Our studio can accommodate up to 20 people at a time.
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5,00 €/person. Teachers, people with disabilities and those that accompany them, do not pay.


The demonstration takes about 20/30 minutes, depending on the number of questions.

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