Family course

A special activity to share with your family.

Course for families
half-day, about three hours

With this course you'll have the opportunity to create something special with your family, while learning the techniques of an ancient craft.
Have you ever wondered how a mosaic is made?
And what materials are used?
How is the design transferred onto the cement?
How does one cut the material into small bits (tesserae).
In this course you'll have fun while making a mosaic from start to finish.
The course consists of a tour of our studio, the explanation of just what a mosaicist does, a demonstration of cutting material into 'tesserae' using the traditional hammer and hardie, preparation of the cement, the transfer of the design, and the creation of your own mosaic measuring approximately 12x12 inches (a mosaic of this dimension allows up to six people to work simultaneously).
The final piece is yours and is ready to take home and hang on the wall a memory of a shared time and a souvenir of Ravenna, made with your own hands.


The total cost of the course is € 190,00.


The total duration of the course is about 3 hours.


The goal will be to create one mosaic of about 12x12 inches.

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