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Solo show by Luca Barberini - Roma

Sacripante Art Gallery PresentsVia PanispernaSolo Show by Luca BarberiniCurated by Rossana Calbi & Giulia Piccioni5 February 2016 is the opening day of Via Panisperna exhibition by Luca Barberini, a Sacripante Gallery gift to its street and its neighbourhood.On the 5th of February at 6 pm Sacripante Gallery open its doors to Luca Barberini first Solo Show in Rome, curated by Rossana Calbi & Giulia Piccioni. For about two months, Sacripante Gallery will host an entire flat inside the gallery and from every window will be possible to spy on the ordinary life of Via Panisperna street, situated in the very heart of Rome. Ravenna ancient art of mosaic enters inside Sacripante Gallery for the first time to tell daily life stories chopped and recontructed by Luca Barberini.Our life scenes resambles rough mosaics. Looking close at them, they do not produce any effect, it is impossible to see anything good until they are watched from afar.Arthur SchopenhauerFollowing the philosopher advice, Luca Barberini crystallizes 'Via Panisperna' everyday moments, a street known for Enrico Fermi e Majorana studies back in the past, while today it is famous for being ex president Napolitano favourite walking area. Sharp dowels would have inspired poet Apollinaire curiosity who was born in the Monti Area.From 5 February to 4 April 2016 Via Panisperna Show opens three doors and fiftyone windows: each one with a different story, the same stories you can see in via Panisperna itself.Luca Barberini, winner of the International Price GAeM, also partecipated to the International Mosaic Symposium at the Egypt Academy and at the Japanese Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino for the Mosaic Abroad. Now his mosaics are in Rome to present a new way to combine Ravenna mosaic tradition with an unexpected twist into illustration.Sacripante Art Gallery, via Panisperna 59, (Rione Monti) Roma.Tel. +39 06 48903495, +39 334 3450090,


March7-11   ADVANCED COURSE (contemporary techniques)14-18 ADVANCED COURSE (opus vermiculatum/micro mosaic)April4-8     BEGINNERS COURSE (Ravenna’s methods)11-15 ADVANCED COURSE (contemporary techniques)18-22 ADVANCED COURSE (opus vermiculatum/micro mosaic)May9-13   BEGINNERS COURSE (Ravenna’s methods)16-20 ADVANCED COURSE (contemporary techniques)23-27 ADVANCED COURSE (opus vermiculatum/micro mosaic)June20-24 BEGINNERS COURSE (Ravenna’s methods)July25-29 BEGINNERS COURSE (Ravenna’s methods)August22-26 BEGINNERS COURSE (Ravenna’s methods)September26-30   BEGINNERS COURSE (Ravenna’s methods)October10-14 BEGINNERS COURSE (Ravenna’s methods)17-21 ADVANCED COURSE (contemporary techniques)November4-8   Special Course: Manga Mosaic workshop10-18 Special course with Master Martin Cheek21-26 Special course with Master Martin Cheek 28-2 (December) Ravenna's techniquesDecember12-16 BEGINNERS COURSE (Ravenna’s methods)19-23 ADVANCED COURSE (contemporary techniques)For booking and details, write to

TAIWA /dialogue

Koko Mosaico presents:ONION's exhibition. The Japanese artist shows his mosaics for the first time in Italy.Opening: Friday July 24 , 18:30, to Koko Mosaico, via di Roma 136, Ravenna.The exhibition will be open until August 7.Time table: 9:30 - 13:00 and 14:30 - 18:00. Saturday and Sunday close.

MOSAIC TOUR: The Mosaic Riches of Ravenna and Romagna

WHAT: Tour the mosaic riches of  Ravenna and Romagna         WHEN: The tour runs from Monday October 12th to Thursday October 15th, 2015  COST:450 euros Includes:  Welcome aperitivo and introduction to the tour, three and a half full days of touring, all transportation, museum entries, two guided visits by specialized guides,  a final night dinner at one of Ravenna’s traditional restaurants, and the services of two professional mosaicists.   Not included: cost of lunches, overnight lodging/dinners, and items of a personal nature.  (We are happy to suggest lodging options suited to your tastes and budget.)  Price does not include Italian taxes, however, only Italian nationals/residents are subject to said taxes. PARTICIPANT’S NUMBER:Minimum of five people, maximum of nine. ULTIMI POSTI DISPONIBILI!!! PRENOTA IN TUO POSTO ORA!!!TO BOOK: For more information or to reserve a space, please send an email to contact@twindolphinmosaics.comThe International Festival of Contemporary Mosaic (fourth edition) begins on Saturday October 10th with a range of openings, conferences, exhibitions and festivities.To complement  the activities, Kokomosaico and Twin Dolphin Mosaics are offering a three and a half day tour of mosaics both historical and contemporary here in Ravenna and the surrounding areas.  We begin with an afternoon tour of some of Ravenna’s lesser known mosaic sites, followed by an aperitivo Monday night at the Kokomosaico studio and an introduction to mosaic history and materials.   We’ll  take day-trips Tuesday through Thursday,  visiting sites throughout the region with Stephanie Jurs (Twin Dolphin Mosaics) and Arianna Gallo (Kokomosaico).  Each day at lunch we’ll eat together in a typical trattoria or share a picnic; each evening we’ll return to Ravenna in time for dinner and meet again the next morning. This tour is both educational and a great way to get to know the area. (Most of the sites we visit are not easily reached by public transportation.)  We will learn about the Roman techniques of laying a mosaic floor then see examples of floors and decorative mosaics that have survived close to 2,000 years. We’ll view the naïve, almost childlike mosaics done in the Middle Ages that are nevertheless imbued with a humble spirituality: these  mosaics conjure up a time of griffins and unicorns, of two tailed mermaids, and of men setting off for the Crusades.  And we’ll see contemporary  mosaics, both decorative and functional,  as well as works  that use the medium for personal expression.   ITINERARY: Monday Oct 12th: We meet for a coffee or tea after lunch for our initial introduction. Ravenna is famous for her UNESCO World Heritage monuments and mosaics, but there are many less well-known mosaics throughout the city and we begin by visiting a couple of these:  a baptistery from the late 5th century, and  a church with humble yet deeply moving medieval mosaics.  We’ll meet again at 7:30 for an aperitivo at Kokomosaic studio.  Here we ‘ll have a more formal overview of the next few days, and an introduction to the works of Twin Dolphin Mosaics and Kokomosaico.                   Tuesday Oct 13th: Today we’ll head south of Ravenna, to  visit Sarsina, birthplace of the Roman poet Plautus, and a thriving Roman community already in the 3rd century BC. The archeological museum there displays a huge polychromatic mosaic replete with the four winds and Dionysus in his chariot pulled by tigers. Other Roman-era mosaics are exhibited in the stairwell and on the upper floors.  After lunch in a typical trattoria, we’ll visit the Villa Romana in Russi, with its well-preserved lay-out of a Roman country house and working farm. The black and white marble mosaic floors are an education in themselves.               Wednesday Oct 14th:  On a morning walk we’ll visit more of Ravenna’s hidden treasures. We’ll  spend time at the Loggetta Lombardesca comparing original works of art from the 20th century with their  mosaic interpretations.   In the afternoon  we’ll head north to Pomposa, site of a Benedictine monastery in the Middle Ages, once  the most important spiritual and cultural center  of the region. The patchwork church floor includes fantastical animals executed in mosaic, and the walls are covered with frescoes: a specialized guide will help us decode the rich medieval imagery.  Thursday Oct 15th: Today we’re off to Rimini, once an important Roman town and now a chic seaside resort.  Together with a specialized guide, we’ll visit not only the excavations from a Roman surgeon’s house with its mosaics still in place, but the museum with its impressive collection of Roman era mosaics. Returning to Ravenna we’ll visit the 6th century Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe, with its vast apse entirely covered in brilliant glass mosaic.  Tonight we’ll enjoy a last night dinner together at one of Ravenna’s traditional restaurants.                The itinerary is subject to slight changes due to weather, unforeseen circumstances or merely  in order to take advantage of  local offerings.  

Martin Cheek Mosaic Workshop November 2015

Koko Mosaico is pleased to hosts: Martin Cheek and Andrew Higgins's mosaic workshops  WHERE:  Koko Mosaico, Ravenna, Italy WHEN:  Workshop 1: 11 Days Wednesday 4th - Saturday 14th November 2015         (Now FULL)  Workshop 2: 8 Days Sunday 15th - Sunday 22nd  November 2015 COSTS:  Workshop 1: 11 days, 10 nights mosaic course @ €2130.00 per person including accommodation, breakfast and a daily lunch. Workshop 2: 7 days, 6 nights mosaic course @ €1500.00 per person including accommodation, breakfast and a daily lunch. TO BOOK: Please contact Martin: For many years Martin Cheek and Andrew Higgins have been running mosaic courses from Martin’s beautiful studio in Flint House in Broadstairs on the Kentish coast in the UK. In addition to these workshops at home Martin and Andrew also run a special annual mosaic masterclass and tour abroad. Previous years have included Venice, Greece, Tuscany, Sicily and Istanbul. This year, by popular demand Martin and Andrew have been asked to run a mosaic course in Ravenna. Ravenna seemed to ideal place to run this course, having fabulous classical mosaics and a rich Byzantine heritage. The course is both a creative and relaxing holiday experience. Martin and Andrew will teach for 3½ hours daily. There is a lot of opportunity for one to one tuition. Another great feature about this course is meeting your fellow course participants from all over the world. The Venue: The venue will be the studio of Koko Mosaics PROGRAM:Day 1 – Wednesday 4th / Sunday 15th November Fly to Italy. Nearby airports are Forli, Bologna, Florence and Pisa. This can be very cheap if you book in advance, and fly to Bologna Forli which is even closer to Ravenna than Bologna. That said I prefer to fly with British Airways to Bologna and catch the train to Ravenna. Timings: The BA Outward Flight BA0540 from London Heathrow (LHR) to Bologna (BLQ) leaves 08.40 and arrives 11.45. We then catch the train from Bologna to Ravenna arriving mid afternoon. Check in at the Ostello Galletti Abbiosi hotel. At 6.00 pm meet Martin Cheek and the rest of the group in the reception at the Ostello Galletti Abbiosi hotel prior to going for dinner at the nearby Al Passatore where we all meet each other.  Day 2 – Thursday 5th / Monday 16th November9.00-12.30: Arrive at KOKO Mosaic Studio to set up studio and allocate work places. Mosaic Workshop #1Martin and Andrew will discuss your design possibilities with you.Martin will demonstrate cutting techniques for glass smalti.12.30: Lunch at the Sant’Apollinare Nuovo Ristorazione14.00: Continue to work on mosaics, relax or wander around & discover Ravenna.Day 3 – Friday 6th / Tuesday 17th November10.00: Guided tour of Ravenna. We will gather in the Hotel foyer where we will meet our guide, Manuela. We will be visiting the following sites: · Galla Placidia Mausoleum (5th Century) · Basilica of St. Vitale (6th Century) · Archiepoiscopal Museum and Chapel (6th Century) · The Baptistry of the Cathedral (5th Century) · The Church of Spirito Santo & The Arian Baptistry (6th Century) · The Basilica of St. Apollinaire Nuovo (6th Century) 12.30-13.30: Lunch at the Sant’Apollinare Nuovo Ristorazione14.00: Continue to work on your mosaics Day 4 – Saturday 7th / Wednesday 18th November9.00-12.30: Mosaic Workshop #2Talk 1: Martin will talk about the production of his own hand made murrini and glass fusions. Continue to work on your mosaics assisted by Martin and Andrew.12.30-13.30: Lunch at the Sant’Apollinare Nuovo Ristorazione14.00 – 19.30: In the afternoon you can continue to work (unassisted) or visit one of the suggested churches or museums (see list below) or simply relax. Day 5 – Sunday 8th / Thursday 19th November9.00-12.30: Mosaic Workshop #3 Talk 2: Martin will give a talk about how using various opus in your mosaics can create andamento (movement). Continue to work on your mosaics assisted by Martin and Andrew.12.30-13.30: Lunch at the Sant’Apollinare Nuovo Ristorazione14.00: Ravenna Mosaic Tour part 2. We will be visiting the following sites:· The Basilica of St. Apollinaire Nuovo (6th Century) · The Basilica of St. Apollinaire in Classe (6th Century)In the afternoon you can continue to work (unassisted) or visit one of the suggested churches or museums (see list below) or simply relax.Day 6 - Monday 9th / Friday 20th November9.00-12.30: Mosaic Workshop #4 Talk 3: Martin will talk about contrast in mosaics.Continue to work on your mosaics assisted by Martin and Andrew.12.30-13.30: Lunch at the Sant’Apollinare Nuovo RistorazioneWorkshop 1: 14.00 – 19.30: In the afternoon you can continue to work (unassisted) or visit one of the suggested churches or museums (see list below) or simply relax.Tidy up and prepare for the exhibition. n.b: For workshop 2: Saturday 21 November is departure day. Day 7 – Tuesday 10th November / Saturday 21st November9.00-12.30: Mosaic Workshop #5Talk 4: Martin will give his talk on ‘What is your mosaic ABOUT?!’Workshop 1:Continue to work on your mosaics assisted by Martin and Andrew.Workshop 2: Finish work on your mosaics.12.30-13.30: Lunch at the Sant’Apollinare Nuovo RistorazioneWorkshop 1: 14.00: Visit to Luciana Nobille Mosaic Studio and MAR Museum. Workshop 2: 17.00: Exhibition of the produced mosaics. Day 8 - Wednesday 11th November9.00-12.30: Mosaic Workshop #6Talk 5: Martin will talk on symbolism in mosaics.Continue to work on your mosaics assisted by Martin and Andrew.12.30-13.30: Lunch at the Sant’Apollinare Nuovo Ristorazione14.00 – 19.00: In the afternoon you can continue to work (unassisted) or visit one of the suggested churches or museums (see list below) or simply relax.Day 9 - Thursday 12th November9.00-12.30: Mosaic Workshop #7Talk 6: Martin will talk about the design, fabrication and installation of his Barbados floor. How to develop your portfolio and price your workContinue to work on your mosaics assisted by Martin and Andrew.12.30-13.30: Lunch at the Sant’Apollinare Nuovo Ristorazione14.00 – 19.00: In the afternoon you can continue to work (unassisted) or relax. Suggested visit to Rimini and visit the roman mosaics of the Domus del ChirurgoDay 10 - Friday 13th  November9.00-12.30: Mosaic Workshop #8 Talk 7: Martin will talk about inspiration, the creative process and how he works. Finish work on your mosaics.Tidy up and prepare for the exhibition.12.30-13.30: Lunch at the Sant’Apollinare Nuovo Ristorazione17.00: Exhibition of the produced mosaics. Martin and Andrew will evaluate the group’s mosaics and our week’s work.Day 11 - Saturday 14th / Sunday 22nd NovemberDeparture day. BA 0545 departing Bologna 18.45 arriving London Heathrow 20.00

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